Double Dongle Saga

Got a new MBP. You know, the one with USB-C only. Also, bought the USB-C to USB-A dongle (added charge) just to be safe.

Then I got a Samsung T3 SSD which included a USB-C to USB-A connector. It turns out that the T3 is a USB 2.0 device that uses a USB-C connector, probably because it’s smaller and also because it means you’re hip.

But there is no way to directly connect the new SSD to the new MBP with either of the cables I have… Continue reading “Double Dongle Saga”

Starting Out

I am starting out writing about my recent experiences with Apple’s Logic Pro. Logic is one of many Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) products. A DAW is a software re-creation of a musician’s recording studio. It is a technical product aimed at artists and recording engineers. The modern DAW combines two forms of computer based recording techniques: MIDI sequencing and digital audio recording. A proper DAW supports a complete workflow of composing, recording, arranging and mixing to produce a professional level DVD quality (or better) recording. Continue reading “Starting Out”

When I started coding…

I started coding back when the mainframes were all steam powered. To maintain productivity, we took turns shoveling coal into the furnace. This worked well enough in the mornings but afternoons there was always someone who had one drink too many for lunch and wound up shoveling the coal into the ash bucket. We’d be down for a half hour or so. We all learned to juggle (seriously) in order to preserve sanity in the down times. At one point a bunch of us group-ordered a set of custom made 2 pound juggling bags using lead shot for weight. They were awesome for blowing off steam. But these days, nothing ever goes down (lol). My how technology has changed! Do you know any programmers these days who juggle?