My setup…

I have a studio set up in my basement where I can create music from multiple tracks using both MIDI and audio. My main goals are to compose new pieces and study old ones. I play guitar and keyboards and have built a DAW based studio to record from those instruments.

This is a schematic of the setup (drawn with Google Draw) :


The hardware components are:

  1. Apple Mac Mini (Late 2012)
  2. Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB audio interface
  3. Kurzweil ME-1 MIDI sound module
  4. Event PS LS6 Powered Speakers
  5. Emu XBoard 49 keyboard controller
  6. PRS SE Soapbar Semi Hollow guitar

On my list of things to do is get a DI box for the guitar. The Scarlett supports switching input impedence levels and has input preamps to boost the signal but I not sure this is optimal. I suspect that a DI box would probably improve the recording of the soap bar pickups on the PRS.

The software components are:

  1. Logic Pro X          (DAW plus instruments library)
  2. Mainstage 3         (live play)
  3. Notion 6               (musical notation and scoring)
  4. Audacity               (audio editing)
  5. Soundflower        (routing audio streams)

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