Squirrel Detector Project

I looked out my window the other day and saw a squirrel munching on the wires of my solar powered LED string. It managed to snip off a two foot section of wire before disappearing below my deck, dragging the wire with it. I ran out the door to stop it but it was gone by then. I knew where it went.

Now I generally like critters and I tolerate squirrels transiting the deck gathering maple seeds. But nesting in the woodwork is too much for me to tolerate. I can see the signs, now that I am looking, of damage to the wood from their compulsive gnawing. There are plenty of trees to choose from. So I got rid of the nest.

Yet the creature keeps coming back to rebuild. I need to make this space unpleasant. There are many things to try involving chemistry, carpentry, and etc. But I wanted to create an electronic solution.

How about a motion detector driving a buzzer?

The finished device simply buzzes when motion is detected.

Check out the Project Story.

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